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Chu Chu TV -

Chu Chu is the India’s most subscribed channel of youtube. In the various youtube channels it has the third position in the channels of youtube. You will not believe that it has 18.5 million subscribers and 14.5 billion video viewers. Chu Chu TV has many number of youtube channels which all are dedicatedto entertain the children.

Chu Chu TV -

It’s main aim is to create the 2D and 3D animation videos of traditional nursery rhymes incorporate with the puppy music and with some other modern music. The channel consists of the ChuChu TV nursery rhymes and the Chu Chu TV Songs. ChuChu TV has various number of the entertain zones like funzone, story time etc.

The CEO and founder of the Chu Chu TV I very great Mr. Vinoth chandar. He posted the videos firstly on the youtube and he got the idea of Chu Chu TV from his three year old daughter. The very first video Mr. Chandar launched is “chubby cheeks” and it has gained so much popularity in the just two weeks it recevied three hundred thousand views. In october 2015 they launch another youtube channel called the Chu Chu TV for the kids of age group 4-6 years. At present it recevied an amazing response of 1 billion views and twelve millions subscribers.

Chu Chu TV -

Choo Choo TV is an interesting app for kids to learn the ABC, Maths and nursery rhymes and various fun songs of kids. The characters of Chu Chu made in such a way that children can understand the things in more effective manner with lot of fun.

How to install and download the Chu Chu TV ?

Chu Chu TV -

If you want to Download Chu Chu TV in PC then you need an emulator and I your Android device you can directly is very simple to download the Chu Chu TV all you need to do is just follow the simple basic steps:

  • Firstly download the emulator and install it in your device and you have to download the KOPLAYER it is completely free of cost.
  • Now open the KOPLAYER and run it after that you have to login into a Google Play Store.
  • Open the Google Play Store and search for the nursery rhymes by Chu Chu TV download.
  • Install the nursery rhymes Chu Chu TV download.
  • when the downloading procedure completed now into the Chu Chu TV and and download the various rhymes for your kids.

ChuChu’s biggest strengths is its dominace in the pre-school space of Youtube. later this year it will add the Hindi, Telugu, Russian, Arabic channels.

Key Features of Chu Chu TV Download

Choo Choo TV comprises a lot of features now we are going to tell you some amazing features of Chu Chu TV which are as follows:
Appropriate Content: Chu Chu TV contain appropriate content according to the age of the children. So that they can learn with more fun like maths and ABC and they can understand the concepts through this contents.
Educational Videos: Chu Chu Tv consists of countless hours of high quality educational vidoes. Kids can watch them any time till whenever they want to watch.
Follow Order: it follow order like Videos according to the alphabet and maths learning.
Organize Playlists: it manage the videos and organize playlists and like playlists of most view videos and favourite videos etc.
Compatible: it is compatible with smartphone and tablets.your kids can enjoy the videos in the smartphone as well as tablets and in your PC.
More capability: Chu Chu TV has capability to watch the videos on Apple TV and chromecast.

Some new things added into Chu Chu TV

Mutiple languages: Chuchu TV added videos in different languages like English(US), English(World), Spanish, Tamil videos. Language is the medium of communication and through which we can understand the things so if you are not a polyglot then you can watch the videos in your own language.

Quality: you can select the quality in which you want to download the videos like normal, good, best.
Hide: if you want to hide some videos and then you can hide them and if you don’t want to hide them you can unhide the videos.

Since plays a very important role in the Success of this channel. The developers of this app follow some strategy like content with particular engagement method. It has inspiring instructive tunes for kids. ChuChu TV is different from other youtube channels. As the main aim of the ChuChu TV to attract the children through the amazing nursery rhymes and educational videos with the interesting animation. The animation is the unique thing and unique quality that makes it different from other youtube channels. Top 5 videos of ChuChu Tv that kids like the most are as follows:

• Johny Johny yes papa

• Twinkle Twinkle little star

• The finger family song

• Wheels on the bus

• Humpty dumpty sat on a wall

It has various videos but the above five are most popular videos and the age group of 0-6 kids cherish the videos and the channels and channel always shows them new and latest character based vidoes. And it gained the popularity as it has millions of viewers and subscription. The main focus of the ChuChu TV channel is gives more entertainment and learning assets for children. They want to build reliable relationship with the users. Develop views, watch and subscribers .

ChuChu TV is intended to make the colourful and amazing animation videos and playful nursery rhymes. ChuChu TV characters will show the favourite nursery rhymes, shapes, colours. ChuChu TV is mobile application you can watch the videos in IOS Android devices and in your PC. You can download it free of cost and you don’t to watch the videos online. Once you can download the video then you can watch them offline without any internet connection. The approach is streamlined videos on youtube and they observed th results continously. Hope you will like this post.

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