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Name : Any Desk
Version : 4.2.2 V
File Size : 2 MB

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Any Desk is remote desktop software. AnyDesk provides you bidirectional remote access between personal computers having operating system Mac and windows, linux. It has several features like first one is that it allow you for bidirectional remote access between personal computers. and I am going to tell you some more features of it which are as follows-

  • Access: Any Desk provides you unidirectional access from your Android device and IOS.
  • Security: Any Desk has very secure procedures like it uses encryption technology in which they provide banking standard TLS 1.2 that technology protects your system from unauthorized access. And to verify each connection it uses asymmetric key exchange.
  • Flexibility: It gives you flexibilty so that you can use your system from your desk and allows you to use it anytime anywhere. All you need to do is just set the password.
  • Supportive to Platforms: You can run Anydesk on an any platform like you can Android, Mac, iOS, Linux.
  • Compatibility: Any Desk is compatible only with the older versions you can not run it on newer versions of windows and Android system.
  • Consume less space: Any Desk is very easy to use and there is very simple steps to download it in your device it doesn’t consume more space and it just take 2 MB.
  • Globally available: Any Desk is available in 28 languages so that it provides it services all over the world.
  • Easy file transfer: if you want to transfer a file from one system to another system then you can easily transfer it. You just need to copy and paste the file and tap on the transfer option.
  • Efficient bandwidth: Any Desk performs every task smoothly even it has a very low bandwidth. Anydesk can perform the all functions well even if the internet connection is not very strong.
  • Innovative technology: If you want to transfer the image data then you can easily transfer it with Anydesk because it compresses the image data very well like no other product can do it.
  • Manage contacts: It keep the track of the all the contacts and connections and you can see that you who’s online without any internet connection.

Controlling User access –

Download AnyDesk -

You can control the user access by Anydesk white list. In the world of this growing technology and mobile workplaces the need for the use of remote support is necessary. In the today’s world the need of remote desktop is very common. In this remote communication you need computer’s Anydesk address. Before the connection is established the request must be confirmed by the computer user.

Download AnyDesk -

The Anydesk white list checks that who is the authorized user of the computer and if the white list is active then only a predefined group of people are allow to connect. It simply means that those who are not authorized user are not allow to start the session.

If you are looking for the access control lists then go into the Anydesk settings and in Anydesk settings go into the security tab. If you want to activate the access control then first of all unlock the security tab.

Download Anydesk for windows , Mac, linux-

You can Downlaod Anydesk for mac, Anydesk for PC, Anydesk for Mac. You can Download Anydesk from our website also all you just need to do is download the Anydesk.exe file and you are ready to go.

There are some terms and conditions which have to keep in your mind now I am going to tell conditions of it which are as follows: These link

Offer of contract:

  • The services pf Anydesk is provided only to the legal person, partners and partnership with the legal entities.
  • The subject of the contract can be find out by the general terms and condition like by the supplementary terms.
  • Unless it express all the conditions very clearly Anydesk will not come to any point.
  • Ancillary agreement and contract amendments are some subjects of the executive management of Anydesk.
  • They will not valid if there is not any consent.
  • Unless it agree on the written commitment Anydesk will not use the services of any other third party.

Download AnyDesk -

Contract Conclusion-

The product options are available for the user on the Anydesk website that create non building platform for the user to access Anydesk software for a particular period of time and through paying charges for it. The customer can purchase license for one or more workstations. The customers are allow to enter the information like invoice details and the choice of the product in the ordering process. The offer of the customer is bind only in the case when you tap on the button “ place binding order with cost”. Then an email of the confirmation of the receipt is send to the user. The Anydesk accept the order of the customer within the two days of the confirmation message which was send by email. When the no confirmation order is accepted in this time period the order of the customer will be rejected.

When the customer accept the offer then license key will be given to the customer as in form of agreement and to provide security. Now customer has to do login in the page of the after the successful login then enter the license key. Now the Anydesk clients will communicate to the Anydesk server and use this server through the internet. In the service specification all the terms and conditions system requirements are mentioned.

Anydesk is very important remote desktop software. Which gives you access to the user to login to the remote system. We have seen its various features and from all the features we can say that it is the best software. It provides security with encryption key and Anydesk has various great flexibility. It is very lightweight software and has very less bandwidth instead of that it works well with the poor internet connection. You can easily transfer file from one system to the another system and it is compatible with so many platforms.

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