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Name : Dragon Mania Legends
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Dragon Mania Legends is generally a game which allows you to create the islands of dragons and it has an interesting feature of creating housing for all its creatures. In short we can say that it provides complete building structure as the dragon colony with all the facilities. In this Dragon Mania legends each dragon has provided with a different habitat. For examples the fire dragons have different habitat in comparison to the air dragons.

In Dragon Mania Legends as I tools you there are different types of habitats for the different dragons and if you want to go higher level in this game then you have to feed the Dragons with the food that are produced in your island. And one another thing is that you have to produce species of dragon of different kind and after that you have to merge all of them. Xmodgames is similar of Dragon Mania Legend Mod Apk

Dragon Mania Legend Mod Apk

Dragon Mania Legends -

By doing all this your Dragon will reach to the higher level and you can do the fight between them. In this fighting first your dragon will attack on the enemy then enemy will attack on your dragon. To prevent from this attack you have to manage your screen by tap on the right side of it. By doing this you can damage your enemy in more effective manner.

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Dragon Mania Legends is an interesting game which has a very attractive interface and huge contain in form of mission and dragons. It has great music and sound but there is nothing innovative to make the game special.
Dragon Mania Legends are available at free of cost. But some sections will charge some amount of money. You can entertain yourself by this great game Dragon Mania legends. Now I am going to tell you that how to download it in your devices just follow the basic steps and download it in your device.

Dragon Mania Legends Apk

Dragon Mania Legends

The Apk file of Dragon Mania Legends is available for PC so that you can enjoy and play this game in your PC. Now I will tell you have to install and download the Dragon Mania Legends Apk in your device. just follow the steps:

Install and download the Dragon Mania legends for PC using Bluestacks-

  • To start install the Bluestack in your PC
  • Launch the bluestacks on your PC
  • When the bluestack sis launched in your PC then in the emulator click on the my button app.
  • Now search for the Dragon Mania Legends
  • Now the search result will appear infront of you and just select the one and install the app.
  • You need to login with Google Play account so that you can download the apps from Google Play on Bluestacks.
  • When the installation starts when Dragon Mania Legends mod apk will start installation.
  • After the complete installation of the app you can play this in your PC.

Dragon Mania is not updated for the Android platforms. To play this game you all need to do is download the emulator and you can play this Android version with more ease and great functionalities. It has several features so I am going to tell you some features of Dragon Mania Legends apk.

Dragon Mania Legends

Key features of Dragon Mania Legends Apk

  • The growing dragons requires you to manage and builds the farms and temples. You have to maintain breeding center so that eggs being available for the hatchery. You can merge the different dragons so that you can produce a new offspring.
  • Dragons gives you gold that can be collected through out the day and you can do a lot with gold like fund new building and upgrades on the existing structure buying seeds for the farm and the best advantage in Dragon Mania Legends is that you can buy new dragons also. It also gives you gems so that you can be used to speed up more time.
  • Farms provides food for your dragons so that it feeds your dragons and increase their experience level. The dragon will start their life by small pup and then around level four the stage of the dragon will transform into adult.
  • You can play battle with your enemy and with your friends. You can use some powers of your dragon and there is a power meter in which you can measure strength of your attacks.
  • Dragon Mania Legends is completely based on the time management means that each task requires some amount of time so that so have to manage the time.

Updates and new Adventures:

Dragon Mania is best game to play it has several interesting features but there is some updates have been done in this which gives it more adventure and made this game more interesting and amazing for their users.

  • The number of species of the Dragon grows weekly but now the developers of the game mentioned only two types of the elementary dragon that is shadow and light elements. This two types of dragons have sub types the shadow elementary dragon has 17 sub types while the light dragon has 12 sub types.
  • The more advance and high level dragons have capability of stronger attacks and it is very difficult to defeat this dragons in the battles. When your dragons will reach to the level 30 then you can unlock the hidden powers so your dragon will become more powerful in the battle.

Final words:

Dragon Mania Legends are very interesting game for game lovers and it gives you various powers to win in the game. But you can face problem only when there is very poor internet connection so you need a strong internet connection. This game is compatible with Windows phones and windows devices.if you are looking for free game then Dragon Mania is the best option for you but it has various in-app purchase opportunities. We have told you the installation procedure of this game.ig you will find any difficulty then you can ask to us.

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